Enjoy Songs from Free Music Sharing Websites As MP3Boo

Enjoy Songs from Free Music Sharing Websites As MP3Boo

First of all, I have to say that purchasing music is a good way to protect intellectual properties of singers. But sometimes there are also good way to get free downloaded songs in legal way. There are many reasons, for owners' permission or copyright and something else. But if you do not have enough financial support, you can download songs from MP3Boo.com in legal and other more music sharing sites. Therefore, from this article, you can seek more audio sources download and share platform, by which you can enjoy music in free way.

Music Downloading Websites not Working

Not all free music download websites can be strong all the way, it is understandable to face some difficulties. Though some of them may not offer you free MP3 music sources any more, like the blocked MP3Boo.com. Or you can still offer some help to lead it a hand.


MP3Boo.com used to be one of the biggest music download sites, to provide latest songs in available way. For instance, there are over 28417MP3 albums, 371493 soundtracks, 20606 MP3Boo artists. You can search and download songs from Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, One Direction and most popular singers and brands by past MP3Boo.com unblock site. However, if you search MP3Boo on Google again, what will you get? The most frequently result is MP3Book.com blocked. Even if you click into MP3Boo music download page, you will fail to download any MP3 audios. How sad it is. According to MP3Boo proxy, it is because MpsBoo has collected too many latest music in free way, thus it is blocked in UK since 2014. Is there any way to get MP3Boo unblocked method? The answer may be yes or not. But no matter what future MP3Boo.com alternative will face, please do not forget it, for the free music download effort MP3Boo had made.

Max Albums

As for Max Albums, you are not able to download MP3 free music either, like blocked MP3Boo site. In DropCatch, you can see that Max Albums music free download site has been in auction. Winner can own MP3Boo similar site for highest bid, as present, the current bid is $242 USD. In Max Albums, you need to get small music download skills, to prevent download unnecessary things. When you get target music albums, do not tap green button Download, you need to click continue to move on free music download process. It is similar with MP3Boo.com MP3 downloader. The common music download process often contains dangerous. Maybe it is something you need to pay for free online music source.

Legal Free Songs Downloading Sites

Apart from blocked free music download sites, like MP3Boo.com not working case, there are still many other choices for you. With a big library of latest music for free download, you can edit and use as phone ring or something more.

1. Jamendo


Jamendo is the free streaming music share and download website for everyone. Compares with other MP3Boo alternative music free provide sites, Jamendo really has a well-designed interface. Once you search Jamendo in Google, you need to click Start icon to get into real audio download area. It seems to open a door, and then you can attach the real music download page. There are 4 main parts of MP3Boo.com alternative similar site, which are explore, charts by genre, our radio stations ad latest posts. You can search songs directly, or use Jamendo offered music interested recommends exploring. If you just want to kill time, listening albums or playlists will be a nice idea. Or you can focus on certain music genre and then find your favorite.

When you click into one song, you can share comments with other people with same music preferences. Moreover, the Similar tracks feature allows people get more similar genre music without searching. And you can see that every song has its own music tags. Therefore, you are able to learn something about the new songs before listening. In addition, you can see four main parts to get one song, by adding favorite, sharing, adding to playlist and downloading. In conclusion, Jamendo is a user-friendly music download site, which may be better than unblocked MP3Boo.com.

2. SongsLover

If Jamendo is a gentleman in free music downloading area, then I have to say that SongLover will be one hippy. The whole design is pretty personal, or a kind of strange. But the music sources you get here are good. The basic accordatura of SongLover is latest and top. For instance, there are many playlists you can get names top 100 songs 2016, best of 60s songs, top 100 - 1990-99 songs and etc. after that, you can get latest music albums and videos of ten recommends each. Then, you can see last month albums and banner space. Though you can see many ads, but it is a way for SongLover to survive. Therefore, you can ignore them if you do not like them. Or SongLover may be in situation as MP3Boo.com not working too.


As for downloading specific audio, you can click the download icon in blue. Or you can all in one zip files if you like the whole playlist genre. But do not click the red download icon, because it is a track. Once you tap it, you have to download unnecessary application. Well, you can also see video songs on SongLover audio share and download site. There are 5 social platforms you can share video songs to. In addition, the life style part is the place to share articles about your favorite singers, you can share and comment too.

3. Tipard Screen Capture

Tipard Screen Capture

If you cannot find latest music among MP3Boo.com similar music download websites, you can use audio recorder to capture or extract audio from video. Tipard Screen Capture is a nice screen recorder, with which you can record both streaming videos and audio simultaneously or partly. Therefore, you can record YouTube video songs and then make it to be yours. If you want to capture videos in the same way, Tipard can also copy it with 100% video quality guarantee. Moreover, you can customize screen capture size and add cursor effects to emphasis your point. After that, the automatic preview feature allows people to check recorded video and audio in easy way.

After recording, you can save captured audio in many output formats, MP3, AAC, M4A and WMA. And Tipard Screen Capture allows you to record not only system audio, but also microphone. It means you can record your own voices with famous singers together. As a result, using Tipard Screen Capture can be more fun to download music among MP3Boo.com artists. The whole precess of recording YouTube audios is very easy. Just select recording inputs, and then click REC icon to start recording streaming music.