Top 10 Dilandau Similar Websites in 2017


Dilandau was a popular music website. People could search and listen to music online or download them to hard drives for free. However, many users have the same question, is Dilandau legal? The answer is uncertainty. Recently, some internet users have found that is suspended. Once open its website, users will be redirected to other websites. As governments and copyright regulations improvement, websites, have to face the destiny of shutting down. However, that does not means we can not listen to music offline. This post will introduce top 10 websites similar to Dilandau. And these websites are totally legal, so you can enjoy their services without worry.


SoundCloud is one of the most popular music websites. You can find plentiful audios with different genres. Some artists even post their latest creations on SoundCloud before publish. You can listen to your favorite music on SoundCloud without pay a penny. After registration, you can create personal playlists. Now it provides mobile apps for iOS and Android handsets as well. So you can sign in and listen to music on any devices.


Unfortunately, This Dilandau similar website only opens download feature to part of music. If you want to download any songs on SoundCloud, you have to use third party tools, like Tipard Screen Capture. And you can learn more detail about how to download SoundCloud audios with Tipard Screen Capture.

Tipard Screen Capture

1. Play the song you'd like to download on SoundCloud and open Screen Capture.
2. You can set the audio options in Record Audio tab.
3. System Audio option will record the sound from your computer and Microph Audio will capture your voice through microphone. You need to enable System Audio and disenable Microph Audio here.
4. After settings, click on the recording button to start recording.
5. During recording, the sonic area will show you the length of the audio in real time.
6. When completed, click on the red button again to save the MP3 file to your computer.


Currently, MP3Fusion has collected 100 thousands popular songs. It arranges the music from A to Z based on artist names and music labels. And the engine is available to search the song with any key words. All the songs in this Dilandau similar website are free to listen to and download. You can also share your favorite music from MP3Fusion to social media directly. Another attractive feature is the top lists of the day, including top 100 download and last 200 searches. You can discover what music other fans look for.


3. is popular since its great music collection. Many music enthusiasts listen to stream tracks on; but they do not know it has the feature of free download. Like Dilandau, has a special section with free music downloads. In this section, you can download any songs in different genres. When you discover your favorite song, all you need to do is to click Free MP3 download button. Moreover, with audio recorder, you can grab the music that does not belong to free download section.


BeeMP3 is a huge music database, which has included millions of songs. And it is also a famous free MP3 download website. You can search your favorite artist in the A to Z list or discover something new in its best songs section. If you want to download your favorite song on this Dilandau similar website, you could enter any key words about the song in music engine and download it for free.



Seekasong will update its music database daily, so you can discover all the music latest published. This website organizes all the songs in A to Z list based on music titles. And you can search your favorite song in archive engine as well. Users could read the information related to the popular albums on this website. The most attractive feature of this Dilandau similar website is to listen to and download any songs without registration.


6. is not only a stream songs platform, but also a free MP3 music downloader. If you want to enjoy a faster download speed, you can register an account. But it allows everyone to download music for free, no matter you are a member or not. This Dilandau similar website will show the top artists and top tracks based on independent evaluation, so you can explore the best songs on this website. And when you discover some music that really attracts you, just download them and save on your digital devices.


Jamendo is like audio version of YouTube. It is music community. On Jamendo, People share their favorite music and Artists broadcast their fresh creations. Everyone can enjoy the music on Jamendo for free. This Dilandau similar website has a special music engine. You can search for the most popular songs, the most played tracks or the most downloaded music in different languages. And when you find out the song you'd like to download, just click on the Download button. It will be saved to your computer.



As you can see, Audiomack is special on hip-pop, R&B and electronic music. If you are a hip-pop music fans, Audiomack is a good choice to enjoy your favorite music. It has a huge music database. You can search any music in this Dilandau similar website, including the latest hip-pop songs. Its music download and play services are available to everyone. And if you register an account, you can also create a playlist to save the title of your favorite songs.



MP3Juices is one of the most popular MP3 download website around the world. If you are a music fan, you must have heard of this website or visited it. It offers the most convenient music download service for free. All you need to do is search a song with some key words and download it. On the other hand, it supports to download MP3 from URL or convert video URL to MP3 files. So with this Dilandau similar website, music enthusiasts could download music from various sources.



MP3Box provides stream music online for free, including listen to online and download. It categorizes music into an A to Z & 0 to 9 lists. But the more useful features are top lists. This Dilandau similar website will show you top songs, top artists and top albums on its home page. And you can also discover some music in popular by genre page. Once you find out your favorite song, you can download it without paying any penny or registration.



This post has introduced top 10 similar websites to Dilandau. These websites all provide the music content and services it has. So after reading this article, you would not need to worry about it crashed or shutted down. For regulation reason, the free download service may be disappeared someday. Don't worry! Tipard Screen Capture could help you to download any music from websites safely. And you can enjoy the high quality music at anytime and anywhere.

Top 10 Dilandau Similar Websites in 2017