Top 10 BeeMP3 Similar Websites in 2017


There are many free online music services today. However, they do not allow music enthusiasts to download these songs and enjoy them offline. Sometimes we just need to listen to the music on personal devices at anytime anywhere. If you have downloaded free music online frequently, you would hear about BeeMP3. It is a free music engine collects millions of audios and an easy-to-use music downloader. Once you enter the title or artist in the search box, you can get your favorite song and download it to your computer or mobile devices. But it is not a perfect tool. Users have to register and sign up with your email address and other personal information. And download is not always successful. Therefore, this article will introduce top 10 websites similar to BeeMP3.

Part 1. Top 10 websites similar to BeeMP3

There are tens of thousands of music websites like BeeMP3. We list top 10 of them that are similiar to BeeMP3.

1. MP3Clan


MP3Clan is one of the best free music grab websites and music engine. It collects almost all legal music files and allows internet users to download them for free. This BeeMP3 similar website has a large music database. You can find both the latest popular songs and classical music on it. On the other hand, if you are an artist, you will find MP3Clan useful as well. It is a music sharing website as well. You can post your creations on it. Its simple interface and easy-to-use features have attracted many music enthusiasts.

2. MP3Juices


Many Internet users have post reviews said MP3Juices is a better MP3 downloader than BeeMP3, partly because MP3Juices allows people to download favorite songs without any obstacles, like registration or sign in. MP3Juices has a huge music collection. And all songs searched in it are high quality. Everyone could enjoy its download service for free. All you need to do is to find and download the music you like. MP3Juices embedded a music player, which allows you to play the song before downloading. It also supports to download songs from music sharing sites, like YouTube.

3. Vidtomp3


Although Vidtomp3 is not a music collection website, it has the ability to download MP3 files from almost all video and audio websites. It could convert the video clips or online music to MP3 and download it to your computer. So it is a kind of online music downloader as BeeMP3. And one of the reasons that it appears in this list is Vidtomp3 supports a wider range of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MegaVideo, Dailymotion and so on. So you can convert a music video and download the song with Vidtomp3 before the audio version publishing.

4. EMP3World


EMP3World is a unique music-downloading site. It allows visitors to edit the content on the website. On the homepage, you can find EMP3World lists all the popular music and the latest uploaded MP3 files as BeeMP3. And you can search the song in EMP3World engine. The downloading process is easiest. All you need to do is just one click of Download button. If you are a popular music follower, you will not miss the latest songs on EMP3World. It supports to play music online as well.

5. has a special music database. Unlike BeeMP3, it organizes the music according to genres. is one of the most popular music downloader among niche music audiences. That is because not only collects popular music, but also has plentiful niche artists and their music. These artists upload their creations, including music videos and MP3 files on and audiences could download them for free. is a legal music downloading website, so audiences do not need to worry about privacy problems.



There are many MP3Int fans around the world. The interface of MP3Int is concise. After enter the song name or artist, you can get the result you need. Then you can listen to the music online or download it to your hard drive for free. It will not ask you to register or sign in before enjoy music. Another attractive feature of MP3Int is to enjoy music videos and convert them to MP3 files before downloading. It supports to convert music videos from BeeMP3, YouTube and other websites.

7. Emp3z


It is a simple online music download website without gorgeous design. However, you can get all your favorite songs on Emp3z. If you are a popular music fans, you can get the latest songs from its fresh music list just as you get from BeeMP3. Another attractive function is top music albums list. Audience could click and download the albums directly on the website. That is more convenient than downloading songs one by one. Emp3z provides totally free music download service without registration, advertisements and other exchanges.

8. Loudtronix


Loudtronix is another prevalent music engine and downloader as BeeMP3 alternative. Music audiences could enjoy its simple download service for free. You can get the song through searching its name or entering its URL. It is not only a music downloader, but also a video converter. Loudtronix has the ability to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files and save them to your computer. If you have a Loudtronix account, it will create a play list for you.

9. Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud

If you are a music enthusiast and concern about visual form at the same time, you can use Vibe Cloud as your free music downloader. Unlike other free music downloading websites, Vibe Cloud has a beautiful interface. It has four principal features, including a HTML 5 online player, a music database with millions of songs, a one-click search tool and a simple download service. This music cloud service also supports audiences to upload songs from any devices. And then you can find more files than BeeMP3 website.

10. MP3Box


MP3Box is an interesting music downloading website to download music as BeeMP3. In home page, it lists the top songs, top albums and top artists, so you can enjoy the most popular music online. But if you want to download any songs, it will remind you to download its desktop client. Then you can download your favorite songs freely. It seems inconvenient compared to other online downloaders; however, it is faster to download the music from client. MP3Box is also a free music community to discuss music with friends all over the world.

Part 2. Best desktop alternative to BeeMP3——Tipard Screen Capture

If you often download music from BeeMP3 or other online music to listen to offline, you should use Tipard Screen Capture. It will give you smoother download experience and high quality music files, because it has integrated a powerful algorithm.

Tipard Screen Capture

Here are the other impressive features of Screen Capture include:

1. Screen Capture is not only an online audio downloader, but also a video recorder. So it is a versatile downloader.

2. It will capture the audio files with 100% original quality. That is an important function to music enthusiasts.

3. The interface is friendly with all necessary options related to audio recording.

4. It is compatible with most Windows systems, including Windows 10.

5. Screen Capture supports to input almost all audio formats.

6. After recording, it will convert the music to MP3 and other common used audio formats.

7. Users could monitor the length of the recording and the size of audio file in real time.


This article has introduced top 10 music downloading websites similar to BeeMP3. All these websites are free to search and download favorite songs, so you can enjoy their service and listen to music at anytime and anywhere. But if you need to download music frequently and worry about security, you can try Tipard Screen Capture instead.

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Top 10 BeeMP3 Similar Websites in 2017