How to Download Music from Pandora on Computer for Free

Download Music from Pandora on Computer for Free

If you want to enjoy some free streaming music service, Pandora should be the one of the most popular service for you. What should you do if you want to listen to songs from Pandora offline? When you are looking for the solutions to free download, you can check the best Pandora music downloaders from the article. In order to enjoy the songs offline on the go, you can learn more detail about the three best methods for free Pandora music download.

1. Pandora music capture on PC

In order to capture Pandora music with the original quality, Tipard Screen Capture should be right option for you. Wherever you are, you can launch the program to record songs of Pandora with ease. It just takes a few steps to extract the audio from Pandora site. Here are more detail features about the excellent downloader as below.

Pandora music capture on PC
  • 1. Record screen, online videos and audio files as profession. The program provides 100% original quality audio files as well as high quality video files.
  • 2. Support both system audio and microphone voice. You can also export the Pandora music as MP3, AAC, M4A or WMA according to your requirements.
  • 3. Setting captures time and cursor for capturing. When you set the effects cursor, you can make all your operation more clearly and easy to track.
  • 4. Once you record Pandora music, you can preview the files before finishing capture. Just adjust the volume to ensure the audio up to suitable degree.
  • 5. Tipard Screen Capture enables you to download and record music files from Pandora and thousands of other online streaming sites with easy process.
  • 6. The program also helps you to you to download Pandora playlist despite the number of the songs. Just download as many songs as you want with the excellent program.

How to record Pandora music with Tipard Screen Capture

  • Step 1
    Launch Tipard Screen Capture
  • Once you download and install the program from the official website on your computer, you can launch the program.
  • Launch Tipard Screen Capture
  • Step 2
    Set the capture size of Pandora
  • And then you can open the URL of the desired Pandora music of your browser. Set the capture screen size of the Pandora music.
  • Step 3
    Choose the audio source
  • You need to set the audio options as well in order to capture Pandora music. Choose the system audio as for the situation.
  • Choose the audio source
  • Step 4
    Record Pandora Music
  • Click the red REC button to record Pandora music from the browser. And then you can extract the music files from Pandora with original qulity

If you want to capture a song file for a long period of time, you can also set the capture time to make sure you can get the desired files. And then you can export the file to your computer or save a compatible format according to the type of device.

2. Download music from Pandora to iDevices

In order to download music from Pandora to iPhone or iDevices, you have to use some jailbreak tweak to get music you like on your iPhone for free with Pandora. Pandora Download of Cydia should be the best one to extract music with ease. The program allows you to download full songs from within Pandora.

Download music from Pandora to iDevices
  • Step 1
    Once you jailbreak iPhone and other iDevices. And then add and try xSellize repo source on your iPhone.
  • Step 2
    After that open Cydia app on iPhone, tap on Manage.
  • Step 3
    Now tap on Sources and tap Edit to add xSellize repo source.
  • Step 4
    Add, confirm and install the program.
  • Step 5
    Return to Cydia, and then search and install Pandora Downloader.
  • Step 6
    When you install the program, you can download Pandora music now. Just launch the Pandora program, and then tap the triangle-shape menu button situated between the thumbs up and own keys. After that click the Save Song option to download and playback the music.

Capture songs from Pandora to Android devices

As for capture song from Pandora to Android phones or tablets, Pandora Internet Radio is the music streaming and automated music recommendation service. It includes a sleep timer and alarm clock. It also enables you to personalize notifications to let you know more to check the new music as well as ones of your friends.

Pandora internet Radio
  • Step 1
    When you open Pandora Internet Radio on Android phone, you can press the shortcut link and tap the Search button. When you find the magnifying glass icon, you can tap Pandora and search for the app.
  • Step 2
    And then you can find the Pandora Radio under the developer of Pandora. Press the link and elect the Install button to get the Pandora music downloader app for your Android devices.
  • Step 3
    Launch and open the APK folder once Pandora has been installed on your Android, tap the Pandora icon in the list of installed programs. Just sign in the program with your regular Pandora account.
  • After that you can download the free music from Pandora with the default program of Pandora. But the service is restricted to the United States, Australia and New Zealand and other few countries.


Actually it is difficult to use the smartphone directly to download Pandora music. What is more important, when you jailbreak iPhone, you might take some risk for the smartphones as well. As for the case, you can just download songs from Pandora via Tipard Screen Capture. After that you can transfer the music files to your computer to iPhone or Android devices. Tipard Screen Capture not only captures music with high quality, but also set capture time and cursor to extract music files. If you have any query of Pandora music download, you can share more detail about your opinion with us in the comments.

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How to Download Music from Pandora on Computer for Free