3 Easy Methods on How to Download Music from Spotify

download music from spotify

When you have Spotify Premium service, you can download music from Spotify for offline listening inside the Spotify client. And you can use some online service to search and download songs from Spotify website. Even if you only have a free account, you can also use some streaming audio recorders to get songs offline. This article just lists reliable tools and different methods to help you download music from Spotify, you can pick up the desired solution according to your requirements.

Part 1. Listening Music Offline on Your Phone or Tablet

If you are a premium subscription of Spotify, you can get music off from Spotify and listen to music on the go. Just learn more detail about the process to listen music offline on your phone or tablet as below. Before you download the music files, you can download Spotify App from Google Play or Apple Store.

  • 1. Get an account for Spotify Premium. The Spotify offline service allows you to download and listen to music without Wi-Fi. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Spotify recommends downloading over an Internet connection.
  • 2. Go to Settings and tap Download using cellular to enable Cellular data feature. After that you can create a playlist. Go to Your Library > Playlists > Edit, and then press the white plus sign.
  • 3. Add songs to this playlist by tapping the Options button next to a song, selecting Add to playlist, and selecting the name of playlist. Navigate to the Library page and select the playlist and other information you want to download.
  • 4. You can click the FOLLOW icon of the program. And now by following the list, under the Green Shuffle Play button. The Available Offline is available now.
  • 5. Your can slide the Available Offline icon to the right to download music from Spotify now. You can enjoy the songs offline on the go.

Part 2. Downloading Music from Spotify on Computer

If you do not have the Spotify Premium account, you can still use Tipard Audio Recorder as the alternative solution to download music from Spotify. Just learn more details about the features of the excellent Spotify Music Downloader.

  • 1. Extract audio and music files from Spotify, YouTube and other online audio streaming sites./li>
  • 2. Set the capture time and cursor to get the desired files from a long time video file.
  • 3. Customize the music settings, the length and other parameters of the audio files for free.
  • 4. Preview your capturing screen video immediately after you finish recording the files.
  • 5. Provides the high converting quality as well as the ultra-fast converting speed with friendly user experience.

How to Download Music in The Easiest Way

Tipard Screen Capture is more than a Spotify music downloader, which is able to capture your webcam video, streaming video, games or some other video tutorials as well. Here is the detail process to download music files from Spotify with Tipard Screen Capture.

  • 1. Download and install Tipard Screen Capture
  • Download and install the music recorder from the official website, and then launch the program on your computer. Both the Windows version and the Mac version are available.
  • 2. Set the Audio source or Microphone voice
  • Just choose the system audio or microphone audio, or select them both according to your needs. And you can also add the size of the screen.
  • tp screen capture
  • 3. Launch Spotify to select the favorite music from Browse
  • When you have a free account, you can find the favorite music from Browse instead. If you have added any music to Playlists, you can also download music from playlist instead.
  • 4. Start to download Music from Spotify
  • When you make sure everything set up well, you can click the REC button to download music from Spotify accordingly.

If you need to get the lyrics or MV of the music files, you can choose the capture size of the lyric or MV accordingly. Of course, you can also record my screen in full size.

Part 3. Get Off Music from Spotify Online with Spotiload

Spotiload is also known as Spotify VK Downloader. It is a search popup for free music. It uses vk.com social network to find tracks with matching name from any Spotify playlist, and then download music from Spotify accordingly. Just learn more detail about the process as below.

  • 1. Download Spotiload for your Chrome or other web browser first. Once you install the extension of Spotiload, you can find the Spotify icon on the upper right corner of your browser.
  • 2. And then you need to register an account with VK.com first. Enter all the information required to register the service.
  • 3. Login your account on https://play.spotify.com to find the desired music from You Music option.
  • 4. And then click the Spotify icon on the upper right corner. You can find the Spotify music are detected by you're the extension. Make sure you are
  • 5. Click the Search & Download songs button to download music from Spotify accordingly. After download the file, you can get them from your computer accordingly.

As for the solution to download music from Spotify, you can find there are many restrictions. You need to login the account of the VK.com first, and then make sure the songs are more than 60 seconds. If you find the No Songs Found message, you should refresh your browser in order to download the songs from Spotify again.


If you are already a Spotify Premium account, you can download music directly as the instruction. As for users who want to get off music from Spotify online, Spotiload should be a nice option for you. And you need to use Tipard Screen Recorder to get the songs off Spotify if you only have a free account. What is more important, Tipard Screen Recorder is not only able to get music from Spotify, it is able to download music from any website you find. It should be the ultimate software to download music or MV you want. If you have any query related to download Spotify music, you can feel free to share more detail in the comments.