How to Download Video and Audio Files from Dailymotion

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Dailymotion is a large online file-sharing site in Europe. You can upload, share and view video and audio files with ease. There are tens of thousands of new video clips, music files and other videos everyday. What should you do to take them as part of your video resource? Dailymotion downloader is a nice option to get them off. The article provides the best Dailymotion downloaders you should know in 2017.

Part 1. Tipard Screen Capture – Best Dailymotion Downloader for Computer

Tipard Screen Capture should be the most powerful Dailymotion downloader on both Windows and Mac. You can download the desired Dailymotion video and audio files within one click. What is more important, the program works with thousands of online video streaming sites. You can always take advantage of the excellent features of the program.

tp screen capture
  • 1. It is easy to capture screen, video and audio files from online streaming sites.
  • 2. The program also enables you to customize the size, quality and other parameters.
  • 3. Preview the capturing audio and video from Dailymotion immediately after finishing recording.
  • 4. Download and convert video or audio files to the desired format to your PC or Mac.

How to Download Dailymotion Videos with Tipard Screen Capture

Before you download Dailymotion videos, you need to install the Dailymotion downloader from the official website Tipard first. And then launch the program and follow the steps to get the video and audio files off.

  • 1. Launch Tipard Screen Capture
  • Just download and install the Dailymotion Downloader from the official website. After that launch the program as the screenshot.
  • tp screen
  • 2. Choose the Capture size of your screen
  • In order to capture video from Dailymotion and other video streaming sites, you should determine the capture size of the video first.
  • capture size
  • 3. Download Video and Audio from Dailymotion
  • And then you can click the REC button to capture the video and audio files from Dailymotion. Move your cursor to start your teaching process.
  • record video
  • 4. Preview the Video Files after Complete Process
  • When you complete the capturing process, click the red square to stop. And then you can preview the downloaded Dailymotion video.

If you are using the Dailymotion Downloader to extract audio files only, you can just set the audio options. Choose the system audio or microphone audio, or select them both according to your needs.

Part 2. – Free Dailymotion Downloader Online is one of the most frequently used free online Dailymotion downloader. Except for, there are lots of similar programs to get the Dailymotion video and audio files. Just learn more detail about way to get video off with Dailymotion downloader.

  • 1. Access to, and then you can insert the URL of the Dailymotion video to the blank search box./li>
  • 2. Enter the URL of the Dailymotion video. You can click the Download button, which shows the snapshot, title and other information of the video.
  • 3. Choose the video format and quality from the list of available links before downloading Dailymotion videos.
  • 4. You can find the downloaded files from your browser. And now you can playback the video files with the compatible video player.

When you install another Dailymotion downloader as Helper, you can also download the Dailymotion videos from the homepage of the Dailymotion. As for the solution, you can find a Download icon beside the Follow button. Just click the icon and choose the format and quality to download Dailymotion videos accordingly.

Part 3. FBDown Video Downloader – Dailymotion Downloader Extension

When you have to download video from Dailymotion frequently, FBDown Video Downloader should be a nice choice. It is a Dailymotion downloader for Chrome and other browsers. After you install FBDown Video Downloader on your browser, you can download Dailymotion videos, YouTube videos and videos from other websites.

  • 1. Searching for FBDown Video Downloader, and then adding the Dailymotion downloader for Chrome or other browsers.
  • 2. After you install the Chrome extension, you can find an icon to download Dailymotion videos on the upper right corner.
  • 3. And then you can go to the Dailymotion video, click the FBDown Video Downloader icon to find the download options in the list.
  • 4. Choose the desired quality or format to download Dailymotion video accordingly.

The Dailymotion downloader is able to extract multiple video files at the same time. And then save them to the desired formats in the fast speed. But there are some restrictions for the online streaming sites. And more frequently, the program cannot detect some videos due to the update of Dailymotion and other websites.

Wrap Up

If you still have not make a decision for the right Dailymotion downloader, here are some useful tips for you. If you just need to get the video offline for PC or Mac, all the solutions work for you without problem. But some major differences as below can help you make a final decision with ease.

  • 1. Detection Algorithm
  • Both and FBDown Video Downloader need to detect the videos from Dailymotion and other website. Once the online streaming websites update the algorithm, the Dailymotion downloaders will not work any longer. While Tipard Screen Recorder just record the screen, you can always get the desired files.
  • 2. Compatible Formats
  • provides the detected video format only. When you need to playback the download video on smartphone. Besides the Dailymotion downloader, you have to use another video converter to go with the program as well. And Tipard Screen Recorder and FBDown Video Downloader can convert them to the compatible formats.
  • 3. Online Streaming Sites
  • FBDown Video Downloader is designed for downloading videos from Facebook. It also works with Dailymotion and other few websites. works for about 2,000 online streaming sites. In order to get video from any website. Tipard Screen Recorder should be the right option.
  • 4. Video Quality
  • All the programs provide the original quality of the downloaded Dailymotion video. But when you need to convert to another format, there should be some loss of quality. And Tipard Screen Recorder can always save the video to the right format with the original quality for you.

Except for the three software, you can find hundreds of similar programs, Dailymotionfile, and other online Dailymotion downloader. And there are other chrome extensions or Firefox ones. You can always find the desired one with similar functions. If you have any other query about the Dailymotion downloaders, you can share your opinion in the comments.

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How to Download Video and Audio Files from Dailymotion