How to Hack WiFi Password on Android

Hack WiFi Password on Android

Hack Wi-Fi password on Android? That sounds the privilege of tech savvy. Actually, if you grasp the right way, even an average Internet user or newbie could do it. Of course, we mean to hack any Wi-Fi password easily without any restriction and without any risk. If you want to learn how to hack Wi-Fi password on Android with one-click, you will discover this article helpful. There are many apps on market announce they can break Wi-Fi password, but the result may make you disappointed, because they are just fake Wi-Fi hacker. So, we test the popular Wi-Fi password breaker apps and share their guide in this tutorial. Read this post and learn the top Wi-Fi hackers here.

Part 1. Tips About Wi-Fi Hacker Password Breaker

Before hack Wi-Fi, we should learn some basic knowledge about Wi-Fi password. Although many people still do not encrypt their Wi-Fi and will to share Internet connection to others, Wi-Fi password algorithm has evolved. WEP, the abbreviation of Wired Equivalent Privacy, is the most commonly used Wi-Fi encryption algorithm around the world. It was ratified as Wi-Fi security standard in 1999. Now, 128-bit remains widely used, although 256-bit WEP has introduced for a while. WEP is easy to break, because programmers have learned about its weakness widely.

Wi-Fi Protected Access, also called WPA, is the successor and replacement to WEP. It was adopted by Wi-Fi Alliance in 2003. WPA use 256-bit Wi-Fi encryption technology. In a word, WPA is more complicated and advanced than WEP. WPA2 is the upgraded version of Wi-Fi Protected Access. It was released in 2006. The main improvement is to replace TKIP with AES algorithms and CCMP.

Part 2: Hack Wi-Fi password without rooting

As you know, many Wi-Fi hacker apps ask you to root your Android phone first. That is complicated to ordinary people. You may wonder is there any way could break Wi-Fi password without rooting an Android phone. The answer is yes, WPS WPA TESTER could meet your requirements. It is a free Wi-Fi hacker available in Google Play Store. This app supports the latest version of Android 5.O and Android Marshmallow or later.


How to bypass Wi-Fi password without rooting

Step 1: Download and install WPS WPA tester on your Android phone. When you want to connect to Wi-Fi, open this app.

Step 2: Tap on the refresh icon on top of the screen to scan the nearby Wi-Fi signal.

Step 3: On the result screen, you may discover all Wi-Fi signals around you, but only this Wi-Fi hacker only could bypass WPS/WPA, whose lockers turn to green.

Step 4: Choose an available Wi-Fi connection and tap on the connection pin. A few seconds later, you can surf on internet on a non-rooted Android phone.

Part 3. Bypass Wi-Fi password with AndroDumpper

As you can see, Wi-Fi encryptions become increasing complicated, so you may need to grasp more Wi-Fi hacker apps. When the first one failed, you can try another one. AndroDumpper is another useful Android app that has the capacity to bypass Wi-Fi password. It is also a free app available in Google Play Store. Moreover, this Wi-Fi password breaker not only could break Wi-Fi password, but also shows you the passcodes.


How to get Wi-Fi password on non-rooted phone

Step 1: Search for AndroDumpper app in Play Store and install it on your Android phone. Launch this Wi-Fi password breaker.

Step 2: Once you tap on the refresh button at top ribbon, AndroDumpper app will detect Wi-Fi connections around you.

Step 3: Choose the connection with strongest signal and tap on the Try Connection button.

Step 4: A few seconds later, this Wi-Fi connection hacker will show you the password and other details about this connection on a pop-up dialog. Then you can connect the Wi-Fi without any obstacle.

Part 4. Hack Wi-Fi password on a rooted phone

Many people have rooted their Android phones to get more controls. If you are an advanced smartphone user and have a rooted phone, you will find that it is possible to hack more Wi-Fi connections. Make sure your handset is supported Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset.

rooted phone

How to hack Wi-Fi on a rooted phone

Step 1: Download Bcmon APK file from a trustable source and install it on your rooted Android phone.

Step 2: Launch Bcmon app and install firmware tools and turn on the monitor mode option.

Step 3: Then install Reaver app on your phone and run it. Confirm you are not using it for illegal goals on screen and tap the access point you want to crack and check the box of Automatic Advanced settings.

Step 4: If you are ready, tap start attack, it will start break Wi-Fi password. With this method, you can break the WPA2 encryption.

Part 5. Recover Android data with Android Data Recovery

The methods we shared above could help you hack Wi-Fi password on Android phone easily; however, hacking something always brings more risks. It is necessary to learn an effective way to recover your data, such as Tipard Android Data Recovery.

How to recover Android data

Step 1


Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable and run Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery

Step 2

Open debugging mode

Follow the on-screen instruction to turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone. Android Data Recovery will detect the version of your phone and show you to the right instruction.

Choose Data

Step 3

Select data to recover

After scanning, you can choose the file types you'd like to recover, including Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Photos, Videos and more files. When data type selection is done, click on the Next button to continue. Then you can choose any files on detail window.

Select Data to Recover

Step 4

Start recovery

If you are ready, you can click on the Recovery button at bottom right corner to start Android data recovery.


In this article, we have shared the best Wi-Fi hacker apps and how to hack WiFi password on Android with these apps. You should understand that these Wi-Fi password hacker apps could scan and break Wi-Fi password, but they cannot guarantee the Wi-Fi connection is safe. If you do not want to root your Android phone, you can use WPS WPA TESTER and AndroDumper. The combination of Reaver and Bcmon could help you bypass Wi-Fi password on rooted Android phone. If you discover that your files lost after connect to Wi-Fi network, you can use Tipard Android Data Recovery to retrieve them.

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How to Hack WiFi Password on Android