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How to Resize Video or Change Video Resolution

When you need to upload video to YouTube, you have to resize video to small size. When you want a better preview experience, you can also change video size.Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 13.03.2016

What are the Best Music Video Editing Software

If you need to know how to edit a music video, the article shows you the best music video editing software. You can choose your own option to edit music video.Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 11.03.2016

Information about 3D and three types of 3D videos

In this post, you will learn more information about 3D movies and different 3D modes for your reference when you choose to watch a 3D video. Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 10.03.2016

How to Rotate Video on iPhone

When you take video with iPhone, you should learn the way to rotate video on iPhone. The article explains the different methods to rotate video of iPhone.Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 10.03.2016

How to Improve Video Quality

If you want to watch old movies, you have to improve video files quality first. Just learn the different methods to optimize video files from the article.Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 09.03.2016

How to Use Phone as Flip Video Camera

If you have used some flip video camera previously, you can use the powerful video flipper together with any phone to achieve the same effect as flip camera.Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 05.03.2016

The Five Best Free MP4 Video Editors

If you need to edit MP4 files downloaded from YouTube files or taken by iPhone, you have to know some free MP4 video editors. Learn the detail from the article.Read More >>

Posted by Lily Stark | 02.03.2016